I grew up with an artistic family and love to create any and all things.

Curls are my first love. I love the organic nature of curls and teaching others how to embrace and love what mother nature gives you.

I love to enhance your natural hair with shifts in tone and create small progressions into a more evolving style while keeping the health and integrity of your hair.


To me, it is all in the small details that create a truly personalized look for every person that sits in my chair.


I am here to make your hair an extension of yourself, giving you the knowledge of how to style, take care, create a low maintenance regimen, and most importantly, help you feel great about yourself.

I love getting to know my clients, laugh, tell stories, and build great friendships.

Outside the salon, I love spending time with my husband, Nick, and my two corgis, Fawkes and Finnick.

I love national parks, traveling, fighting patriarchy, star gazing, and the water. I am an avid reader, curator of oddities, true crime enthusiast, mid century furniture restorer, wine drinker, and mean tambourine player.